Sports Events

Year 3/4 Boys Football Tournament

On Monday the 19th of November 8 boys were selected to represent Cooper Perry at a football tournament hosted at Bishop's Lonsdale Primary School. The tournament consisted of 4 teams who played against each other twice, the games were 7 minutes long and played on a 3g pitch. Other schools that attended the event were Bishops Lonsdale, Woodseaves and Tillington Hall. Cooper Perry managed to win 3 games draw 1 game and loose 2 games. This meant that from our 6 games we achieved 10 points, which was enough to mean we won the whole tournament. As well as winning the tournament Jack P in Year 4 also finished as joint top goal scorer. For winning the tournament each of the selected players were presented with a gold medal and a trophy. The day was very successful and the 8 boys represented the school fantastically and should be extremely proud of their achievements.     

Year 5 Cross Country


On Monday afternoon, the year 5 girls completed a 1600m cross country run. Sadly, they got off to a bad start as the other girls were already up the hill before their team started! We are still very proud of the girls' efforts and after the bad start Isla still managed to cross the finish line in 15th place. Iris followed Isla and the Evie and Niamh came close behind. The girls reported that it was that wet they nearly fell over like dominoes! The girls thoroughly enjoyed the event and would all love to do it again next year!

Year 6 Cross Country


Fantastically, the year 6 boys spent their evening competing in a cross country tournament. First they started on a hill then they ran around the football pitch twice. Rapidly, they all sprinted down the hill to the finishing line. Amazingly, Jack came in 6th followed by Lucas in 8th. Harrison and Logan came in closely behind. Overall, out of 10 schools the year 6 boys came in 3rd!

The Year 3 and 4 Girls Cross-Country Race


On Wednesday after school year 3 and 4 competed in a cross country race at Stafford Grammar School. Four people from year 3 and four people from year 4. It started at the top of the hill, and then ran a mile when they started the race it started to rain. The year 3 girls thought it was easy but stressful running last. When the year 4 girls ran they found it hard and enjoyable at the same time. None of them came last that's good news but didn't come first either. They did a great job and did the school proud.

Year 4 Cross Country


Some of the year 4 boys and girls went to a cross country tournament at Stafford Grammar school. They started off on a hill, went up and ran around the football pitch once. Quickly, they ran down the hill to  the funnel and crossed the finish line. Sophie came in 6th and all of the other children ran fantastically.   

Year 5/6 High Five Netball Tournament!

By Isla, Izzy, Evie, Sarah and Erin


On Wednesday 4th October, in the afternoon, selected teams from year 5/6 went to play high five netball at Stafford Manor High school. We got off to a great start, A team won 2-0 and B team had an excellent game. As a team, we won 4 out of 6 games and ended in 3rd place out of 12 other teams (which is a great position)! All of us enjoyed it. Together we won with teamwork and friendship. Here we have a quote from Isla (who played in the A team), “Together we were a great team so was the B team. We represented school in positive light, showing the other teams our fantastic teamwork.” We felt like some of the decisions made, were a little unfair as teachers from the schools that were playing were supporting their own team when refereeing the game. One of the B team’s best matches was game 3; it was very close from start to finish. Unfortunately, they lost by 1 goal (3-2 to the other team). Here we have a quote from Esme, “I think that my team did really well at passing however the other teams were good at defending which made it tricky to win the game.” After a long day we finally finished! It was freezing night after school but we managed to show a high level of motivation and perseverance throughout.



Athletics Competition


On Wednesday 1st November 2017, we attended an athletics tournament for year 5 and 6 at Blessed William Howard High School. The girls that entered were Isla, Evie, Iris, Niamh, Isabella, Katie, Michaela, Isabel and Livia. The girls that did the obstacle course were Iris, Michaela, Isabel and Livia they did very well and finished in 2nd place. The boys who entered were Finley, Jack, Lucas R, Liam, Alfie, Archie, Logan, Lucas B and Jayden. The boys that did the obstacle relay were Liam, Logan, Lucas B and Jayden, and they came second which was amazing. The girls who did the 1+1 relay were Isla and Evie, they came in a great 3rd place. The boys who did the 1+1 relay were Lucas R and Archie, and they came in a brilliant 2nd place. Then onto the 6 lap relay, in which Isla and Evie competed and came in 2nd place. The boys that competed in the 6 lap race  were Lucas R and Alfie who managed to finish in a fantastic 1st place. The 2+2 lap race was contested by Lucas R and Archie and they came in 2nd and the girls 2+2 lap was ran by Isabella and Niamh who managed to finish in 4th. Onto the over and under race, in which Liam, Alfie, Logan and Lucas B competed and managed to finish in 4th place. Onto the girls, in which Katie, Michaela, Isabella and Livia competed and they managed to finish in a brilliant 3rd position. Finally the girls who competed in the 4x1 relay were Katie, Isabella, Niamh and Iris came 4th. The boys who competed were Finley, Jack, Jayden and Archie, who finished in a fantastic 2nd. Overall the tournament was a massive success and Cooper Perry managed to finish 4th overall out of 10 schools which is a fantastic achievement by all students involved.