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The children will start bringing reading books home over the next few days. Please can you comment in their diary when they have read/shared their reading book with you.

If your child comes home with a picture book, don't panic, this is so the children can develop their story language and imagination. Please ask the children lots of questions to help them develop these skills. There should be a sheet with prompt questions either slipped under the clear cover at the beginning or end of the book, please feel free to use this.


Some of the children who attended Cooper Perry nursery may have a book that they have already had. Once again please don't worry, this is to help them get back into the flow of reading and remembering to segment and blend words that are unfamiliar.


At the moment all reading books will be changed on a Wednesday.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact any of the Reception Team.


Thank you in advance.