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London 2016

Year 6:

What an amazing trip to London! Thank you for being such super ambassadors for our school. Sometimes young people get bad press for the way they behave but we had only praise from the hotel staff, restaurant team, theatre workers, tour guides and the public. You were a credit to yourselves and your families .

We loved Matilda, The Tower of London, independence of a hotel, being with friends, the breakfast and the river cruise; how lucky were we!!  Thanks to Lillie also, she kept the office sorted at school  during her work experience. 

Well done to you all from

Mrs Vigtlander, Mrs Goidalk, Miss Anderson and Max



Thank you families for allowing us to borrow your children and have such a fun time with them





Latest information ... due back 6.15 - 6.30 depending on traffic x

Chldren left in a very excited mood earlier.

11.30 Mrs V reports arrival in Rugby. Everyone already hungry and she's had the 'are we nearly there yet?' question! 

All good. no

All arrived in The Big Smoke and 'On Tour' !!

Report at 7.00 pm is that they have had a fantastic tour. They have eaten well at Belgo's and have been commended for their impeccable manners and behaviour. 

They have arrived at the theatre and have great seats. 

Everyone doing really well and a credit to you and Cooper Perry.


Mrs W X

Matilda was great, children brilliant.

A good night reported. 

All packing and preening ready for breakfast soon. 


Again, very proud of them all.

Mrs W





The Tower!!!

And finally .... they are on the way back xxx