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Kingswood 2016


All back safe, sound, soggy and smiley.

Great memories made which we will share at the open day and assembly on Friday.

Thank you to all the children for their wonderful teamwork and behaviour. Thanks to the staff for supporting and organising. Now everyone needs a good long soak in the bath, a warm up and a LONG sleep ready for tomorrow.

Mrs W xx

I've arrived at school and it's all open waiting for you. children are about 15 mins away.

Mrs W x

Mrs Wynne reports... your children are fantastic ! Sounds like they are all having fun.  Mrs J x






Another  fun packed day; the children were joined by Mrs Dollin and Miss Turner .  The group ate a hearty tea and after the evening disco were very quickly in bed.  This morning they are up bright and early and ready for the next stage in their adventure. Year 4 have been joined by Mrs Wynne this morning. Lets hope the weather holds off for them!       Mrs J x


Mrs Jones reports ... Saturday morning and girls slept well ...boys are a little tired this morning! 

All up and ready to go, just waiting to fill up at breakfast xxx

Full on activity day ahead!! 

Mrs W xxx

Mrs Smith reports :- Everyone arrived and settled. Beds made (!) and spirits high.

Laser zone and den building done and everyone looking forward to tea with campfire later. 


Mrs Jones has joined the group  for tea of spaghetti bolognese or fish and waffles. Hope the rain calm down for the hot chocolate and marshmallows by the campfire ... 


Mrs W