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Friday 8th July 2016


Big Spell next Friday!  Please spend the week looking back at your spellings over the past few months as we will be having a random big spelling test next Friday.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Mrs Dollin

1st July 2016


Complete the maths homework about data that has been sent home with your child this week.  Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Dollin

24th June


Complete the Maths mat about problem solving. 


Mrs Dollin



10th June 2016


Please bring in a baby photograph of yourself for next week.

Homework - 10th June 2016


Research ONE of the following people:


Florence Nightingale

George Louis Stevenson


Beatrix Potter

Thomas Edison

Mary Seacole

Alexander Graham Bell


Find out as much as you can about them.


Due in Tuesday 14th June (no later as we will need the information for our History lesson that day).

Friday 13th May


Year 2 have work their socks off everyday so this weekend for homework I'm asking that at the school disco tonight they invent a new dance move !

Enjoy your weekend with your superstars!

Mrs Jones xxx


6th May 2016

I’m sending home set of arithmetic questions. Your children are taught different methods to support them with answering these questions so can the children show you how they work these out. Encourage them to be resilient and have ago! Please note that mental arithmetic methods are used with these types of questions also.

Thank you again for your support.

Mrs Jones

Homework in for Monday

29th April 2016 - Homework

Over this weekend please could you support your child with the reading comprehension I have sent home.  Encourage finding the correct answer from the text; its important they find sentences or words form the text that support the answer.

21st April 2016  - in for Monday



This week have been learning all about habitats. Next week we will be focussing upon costal habitats. I’ve enclosed a fact file. Please could you encourage your children to explore the fact file and then research extra information as to why this habitat supports it?

The children can choose either a crab or a seal.


Encourage your children to discuss MRS GREN - life processes – what we all need to be alive.  



Sensitivity (senses)


Excretion (sorry)


Can your research explain how a habitat supports the above processes?



14th April 2016  Homework

Welcome back and I hope you all enjoyed your break.

This week the children are coming home with the following activities: noun phrases (describing the nouns)  and  plurals.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Mrs Jones smiley