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Continued homework

We are having a massive push on mental maths knowledge. In class, we practise our counting in steps of 2, 3 and 5 from 0;  steps of 10 from any starting  number  ( 5,15,25,35   or   56, 66,76 ). It would be a massive help if this could be continued at home.   2,  5 and 10 timetables are also a focus so again support at home would be very beneficial . I have placed links on our class page for games that can support your child's learning in an interactive way. The games I have chosen should be compatible on tablets !






Homework 18th March 2016

Dear Families,

This week has been so exciting, we’ve loved learning about Macbeth; developing our vocabulary and story ideas! Your children looked amazing in their costumes and I want to thank you for all for supporting us – I have put pictures on our webpage for you to view. Homework this week is as follows:

  • mental maths and spelling

  • learning your 2, 5 and 10 times tables

  • reading comprehension

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Jones x

Homework  - 11th March 2016

Hello there,

This week’s homework is as follows:

Numeracy  - measurements

Phonics  - adding –ness to an adjective to create nouns.

Mental maths practice and reading as always.

Happy Friday

Mrs Jones J

Homework 4th March 2016

Science  - Living processes crossword.

Phonics  - adding -ful and -less to a root word.

Spellings - this week there are extra words that we need to be able to have a go at spelling. Please encourage your children to recognise the spelling patterns.  



Mrs Jones smiley

Homework - 12th February 2016

This week our numeracy learning has been centred on time. Enclosed you will find activities to support your child’s learning. In literacy our punctuation focus has been on the use of apostrophes, I have also enclosed activities based around this. Homework to be handed back in on Monday 22nd February, thank you.

Don’t forget to complete your diorama and keep practising your times tables (2x, 5x and 10x) and counting in steps (2, 3, 5 and 10).

Enjoy your break and stay safe.

Mrs Jones smiley

5th February 2016

This week we have been learning all about money. I have enclosed questions that relate to identifying coin values, adding amounts and finding the change.

Please encourage your child to apply the written methods you used in our previous homework when working these out. I have enclosed squared paper for this to be completed upon.

In addition, there is also an activity to support the mental maths learning on multiplication facts.

Thank you once again.

Mrs Jones smiley

29th January 2016     - Project


Hello Year 2,

As we are learning all about the Arctic and Antarctica - I would like you to create a shoebox diorama to show off your independent learning at home.

Your diorama can demonstrate what you have found out about the weather, landscape and animals. The list goes on and it is up to your imagination.

hope you will enjoy being creative with this project and I very much look forward to seeing all your hard work. A letter will be sent home on Friday with pictures to inspire you !


Please complete and return your project during the week beginning the 22nd February.

Remember also, mental maths, spellings, reading and our interactive games.


Mrs Jones x





22nd January 2016

Mental maths  - have a good look at this weeks paper as we will be looking at this again. It was very tricky this week. Remember to learn your spellings and enjoy plenty of reading !

Mrs Jones smiley

15th January 2016

This week I have sent home addition and subtraction homework. In the pack you will also find: squared paper, a number square and an explanation of how we teach these methods in school. If you have any quires please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mental maths and reading as always !

Thank you Mrs Jones smiley


8th January 2016 - to be brought into school on Monday

This week we have been learning about sources of electricity and the appliances that need electricity in order to work. The children have been given an activity in which they need to identify these appliances around the house.

Spellings and mental maths as usual !

Thank you

Mrs Jones smiley