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25/11/16 - Birthdays

This week we have continued to celebrate Polly's birthday. We have wrote cards, invitations, made hats, sandwiches, jelly and decorated biscuits. On Thursday it was Polly's party, we ate the food that we had made and played lots of party games. Mrs James very kindly made Polly a birthday cake, it was delicious!!

Children In Need

Reception looked amazing today and we all loved being in our pyjamas, especially Miss Harper! Pudsey came to visit school and we were very lucky to get a picture with him!! :)

Picture 1
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14/11/16 - Polly's Birthday

This week we have been busy planning Polly's birthday party (next Thursday). We have asked Polly lots of questions about her birthday and party. We have made decorations, cards, wrapped presents and decorated the classroom ready for next week. A big thank you for all the different objects the children brought in to represent birthdays. Next week the fun continues as we do more preparations for Polly's party. Parents don't need to do anything.


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Science Week - 7/11/16

This week we have been finding out about Bubbles!! We have had lots of fun!

What have we been busy doing?

* Made different shaped bubble blowers out of pipe cleaners. We found out that it doesn't matter what shape the bubble blower is all bubbles are sphere shaped.

* Sorted bubbles depending on size

* Developed our knowledge and understanding of positional language

* Made bubble snakes out of plastic bottles and socks

* Bubble paint blowing

* We used the bubble machine and giant bubble wand outside. We found out that bubbles float away in the direction the wind is blowing

* We used different utensils to make lots of bubbles in the water tray, the whisk was the best.


In Reception this week we have been learning about our bodies, based on the book Funny bones. We made potato heads, painted skeletons, labelled the different parts of the body, talked about what our bodies can do and enjoyed lots of other activities linked to our body. In PE we practised jumping; a friend marked how far we could jump. We had to remember to keep our feet together and use our arms to make us jump further.

We also completed a pictogram of most popular eye colour in reception, we asked our friends what colour eyes they have and then marked it on the chart. After we counted how many had each colour. We found out that green was the least popular and brown was the most popular! 


Please can you make sure that you are listen to your child read and recapping phonic sounds on a regular basis. For more information about reading and phonics please see 'reading' and 'phonics' page. Thank you :) 


Take a look at some photographs of us busy at school!

Look what we got for being class of the week!

Look what we got for being class of the week!  1

Hello Parents/Carers

I would like to welcome you all to Cooper Perry! I look forward to working with your children and yourselves in their journey through Reception. I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and enjoyed lots of quality time with your children before they started Reception. 


All the children have settled into school very well and everyone is very proud of them. On the first day they attended whole school assembly, went out to play with the rest of the school and were all very happy eating their lunch in a busy dinner hall. Well done children!


You are allowed to bring the children to the doors in a morning, however from Monday 19th September we advise you leave them on the playground to walk round to the classroom on their own, there will be an adult on the playground to meet them. Some children are already walking round to the classroom on their own which is amazing for the first week.


Over the next few weeks we will be establishing routines and getting used to everyday school life. Baseline assessments will be carried out during the next couple of weeks to ensure that we meet the children’s needs and make sure we provide them with some challenges. Our topic this half term is ‘Marvellous Me’ this will cover all about their families, likes, dislikes, hobbies and their body.

PE will be on Wednesdays; this may change at times so please ensure the children have their named PE kits in school every day.


Please ensure that ALL uniform and PE kit is labelled with the children’s name. We have already had a mix up with jumpers.


The children are allowed to help themselves to fruit (1 piece each) during the morning, so you do not need to provide any for the children. Throughout the day the children are able to help themselves to water, we have got cups but encourage the children to bring in their own named water bottle each day.


We will be sending reading books home soon. Your child is to bring in their reading book and reading diary to school each day as adults within school may need to listen to your child read/share stories. The class will be split into groups for guided reading and will have a designated day for changing reading books. Please write in your child’s reading diary when you have heard them read. The children are encouraged to read, look at and talk about books other than just those from school. For example you could share a book from home, visit the town library, look at signs, labels, information leaflets and magazines. In the early stages of reading it is essential that children develop book skills, for example the correct way to treat books, hold them and turn the pages. Children love talking about the pictures in books especially the books that they don’t know. They like to make up the story themselves which is great! You don’t necessarily need to read the text if the children have made up their own story.


If you need to contact either myself or Mrs James you can see us at the beginning (can be a busy time) or end of the day, email or phone. If you would like to write a note then please do so and pass it on to us, please do not write messages in reading diaries as these may not be checked daily and these may be seen by people who volunteer within school.


More information will follow soon - keep checking the website.


Thank you

Miss Harper smiley



Article 31 - You have the right to play and rest.

Article 28 - You have the right to a good quality education. 

We love school!

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